Holiday Lighting in Dublin, Gahanna, Powel, and Columbus, Ohio
Custom lighting project in Columbus Ohio
Praise from Lisa H., a holiday lighting client in Gahanna, Ohio near Columbus.

Holiday Highlights makes your lawn light up with our new Staked LED sparkling designs!

These decorations featureAlways Lit Technology. These hi-tech lights are UV protected and constructed for outdoor use. They're built with a copper connection to reduce corrosion, and smart chip prevents missing or broken bulbs form disabling the entire set. The bottom line -- lights will stay on even when a bulb burns out, breaks or is removed


Mini Snowflakes.
Make your outdoors a winter wonderland with these mini snowflakes. These LED snowflakes are adorned with 30 LED lights that will shine brightly and glisten against the real stuff. This holiday beauty comes in a set of three and stands 13" tall.



You can put up stockings that will shine brightly with this LED decoration. Each red and white stocking stands 12" tall and has 30 LED lights that will be sure to reel in Santa Claus. This favorite comes in a set of three.


24" Multi-color Starburst

Green/Red, .Pure White/Blue, .Pure White/Gold, .Pure White/Green, .Pure White/Purple, .Pure White/Red
12" Starburst solid colors
Pure White, .Blue, .Gold, .Green, .Purple, .Red
Add these bright LED starbursts to you decorations this year to create curb appeal, light up the sidewalks, the trees or even the skies. These come in a variety of colors with 100 bulbs.

3D Gift Boxes

Large Clear/Red
Large Gold/Purple
Large Red/Green

Illuminate your outdoors with presents under your evergreen trees. This set of three comes in a set of three with differently colored gift boxes standing about 10" tall. One box is clear with a red bow, another has a green bow with a red box and the last has a gold box with a purple bow. Each shine bright with 25 LED lights.



Plant a little poinsettia garden in your backyard this holiday season with out moving dirt! This popular Christmas plant comes in a set of three adorned with red, green and yellow LED lights. It stands 16" tall and has 60 LED lights that will shine brightly.


Candy Cane

Your home and/or business can look like an outdoor candyland with the traditional candy cane. This decoration comes in sets of three standing 13" tall with 30 red and white LED bulbs.



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