Holiday Lighting in Dublin, Gahanna, Powel, and Columbus, Ohio
Custom lighting project in Columbus Ohio
Praise from Lisa H., a holiday lighting client in Gahanna, Ohio near Columbus.



Bow and Swag LightLinks

48" bow and swag combine to make the perfect holiday lights for lining a roof line, instantly turning your home into a nicely wrapped holiday gift.


Icicles LightLinks also in LED

Brighten up your home with 48" run of crisp-white icicles. Unlike other icicle lights on the market, ours always stay straight and aligned. Each strand contains 50 bright-white lights.


Snowflake LightLinks also in LED

A light fluff of snow will appear when you add these snowflake LightLinks to your home or business. Alternating between small and large flake, each set of flakes shines bright with 50 white lights.


Blizzard LightLinks also in LED

Intricate snowflakes at alternating heights flurry your home with snow. Two flakes on each 48" length together shine bright with 70 white lights


Candy Cane LightLink salso in LED

Cute Candy Canes shine bright in red and white. 48" lengths with 70 sugar-sweet lights make these lights and appetizing edition to your decorating.


Gift Box LightLinks also in LED

Brightly colored sets of gift boxes adorn 48" lenghts of these LightLinks. Yellow and Green packages at alternating heights bring joy and fun to your holiday display.


Ice Flurry LightLinks also in LED

Combining large, intricate snowflakes and delicate icicles creates an attractive combination for your home. In 48" runs containing 70 white lights, these LightLinks will brighten up your home in a natural and inviting way.


Stockings LightLinks also in LED

Line your home or business with these red and white stockings and feel the holiday cheer brighten your day. Two stockings per run shine with 70 lights.


Starburst LightLinks also in LED

48" lengths of starbursts strung together on your home add bursts of light at alternating heights. In all-white lights, these bursts dress up a home with a warm, inviting sparkle.


Colossal Flakes LightLinks

Colossal-sized flakes of snow hang 24" deep off of big and bright 52" runs. Long-lasting LED lights shine brighter and longer, adding to the majesty of these mighty LightLinks.



3DBow also in LED

These bright bows fit almost anywhere at 25" in length. Add them wherever a touch of color is needed, or combine them with available 3D swag to create a stunning presentation of color lining your home or business.


3D Swag also in LED

String several runs of these 56" green swag lights to dress your home or business in holiday cheer. Match with available red 3D bows for the full effect.


LED Sphericals Color Changing LightLinks

These LED-powered LightLinks change colors, alternating between green and red - giving you variation and movement in your holiday display.

  LED Star LightLink -48" per section

LED Ribbon LightLink -48"

Newly Designed LED Ribbon

Connect them end to end for a constant flowing

look or use a 3D Bow (Green or Red)to really give them that timeless, classic look.


LED Glacier LightLink -48" per section




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