Holiday Lighting in Dublin, Gahanna, Powel, and Columbus, Ohio
Custom lighting project in Columbus Ohio
Praise from Lisa H., a holiday lighting client in Gahanna, Ohio near Columbus.


Nativity Scenes and Angels
This year we are offering more LED-Lights. What are LED-Lights?

Mary, Joseph and Baby Jesus

Also in LED Lights

Our nativity has been developed in the spirit of the Christmas season. Mary 52" tall, Joseph 53" talland Baby Jesus 49" tall are displayed in brilliant color with 550 lights. Purchase all three together or individually.


Star of Bethlehem LED*

The Star of Bethlehem is shown in all its glory with a total of 200 gold and white lights. Add this star to our Nativity Set for a complete manger scene. Star is 4' tall.


Star of Bethlehem LED*

with Icicle LightLink



Flying Trumpet Angel

Also in LED Lights

Her wings spread in flight, and her horn sounding glorious triumph, this angel draws a sense of wonder and heaven into your holiday scene. Just over 5' tall, she shines with 200 lights of white, gold and yellow.


Harp Angel

Playing her golden harp, this angel stands just over 5' tall and shines bright with her broad white wings. This angel makes a perfect addition to a nativity scene.


3D Trumpet Angel Standing

Trumpet Angel stands with grace and beauty, this 6' angel is heralding the world with glimmering love. 1100 bright lights make this angel stand out amongst its surroundings.


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