Holiday Lighting in Dublin, Gahanna, Powel, and Columbus, Ohio
Custom lighting project in Columbus Ohio
Praise from Lisa H., a holiday lighting client in Gahanna, Ohio near Columbus.

Our 3D Lawn Decor makes your lawn light up with sparkling designs!




Add bursts of light wherever you need them with these starbursts. Hang them from trees or use ground spikes to elevate them. Either way they will add to the ambiance of your display.


Shooting Star Trail

A trail follows this shooting star, giving it the feeling of motion. Place this shooting star in your holiday scene as a symbolic of peace and luck. Star is 74" in length and shines bright with 150 lights.


24" Multi-color Starburst


We've improved on our own starbursts by using LED lights and adding color! Several color combinations give you endless possibilities with these versatile bursts of light.


3D Gift Boxes

Large Clear/Red
Large Gold/Purple
Large Red/Green

Each of these 3D gift boxes shines peacefully. Available in combinations of Clear & Red, Gold&Purple or Red & Green and in two different sizes, they will easily fit into any holiday display.


3D 5 Point Star

This 60" 5-point star will shine brilliantly wherever it is placed. 550 white lights shine brightly and add atmosphere to your holiday decorating.


3D Trumpet Angel Standing

Also in LED lights

Trumpet Angel stands with grace and beauty, this 6' angel is heralding the world with glimmering love. 1100 bright lights make this angel stand out amongst its surroundings.


3D Toy Solider

Also in LED lights

At 5' tall with 750 lights, this soldier stands guard over your holiday display. For added height, place him on top of an available Pedestal Stand.


3D Drummer Boy with Motion

Watch this 3D Drummer Boy beat brightly on his drum. Standing 6' tall with 450 lights, this drummer is larger-than-life and will please everyone viewing your display.


3D Nutcracker

Standing at attention and over 6' tall, the 3D Nutcracker will brighten you holidays and command the attention of those viewing your display. 1000 lights shine is brilliant color, bringing depth and beauty.


3D Pedestal

Give a little more height to one of your decorating elements with this 3D pedestal stand. 150 white lights add brightness and color as well as a little boost of height. Use with 3D Toy Soilder, 3D Trumpet Angel, 3D Drummer Boy and 3D Nutcracker!