Holiday Lighting in Dublin, Gahanna, Powel, and Columbus, Ohio
Custom lighting project in Columbus Ohio
Praise from Lisa H., a holiday lighting client in Gahanna, Ohio near Columbus.


Estate Size Decorations

When you have that extra space and want to show off something special, these are for you. We will create a unique design that is just for you!


White Poinsettia


A beautiful white poinsettia, four feet across. Lit in all white lights, this poinsettia adds beauty and class to any holiday display.



Also in LED Lights

48” or 32”


At 4 feet across, this large poinsettia is beautiful and will be noticed quickly. Add several to your display to add a floral touch.



Also in LED Lights

These gorgeous snowflakes look amazing when hung in groups. Place several in a tree to create a pleasing snow effect. Each flake is 24" tall and shines with 100 bright white lights.



Also in LED Lights

Three ornaments, clustered together in a beautiful grouping that reaches 50" in height. Looks great against a house or tree trunk.


Poinsettia and Holly

This estate-sized group of a Poinsettia and Holly look great overhanging an entrance way, windows, or garages. At a length of 17.7' and boasting 650 lights, it can't be missed.


Victorian Sleigh and Victorian Horse

Our Victorian Sleigh pairs nicely with our Victorian Horse to create a "one-horse open sleigh" as is mentioned in the holiday song "Jingle Bells." Our sleigh stands 4' tall and is lit by 400 lights.

Our Victorian Horse stands as if in mid-stride, ready to pull a Victorian Sleigh with grace and ease. The horse stands at nearly 4' tall and is made of 250 bright lights.

Sold individualy.


1/2 Estate Snowflake

Sometimes and entire snowflake might be too much. This half-snowflake lets you get creative with placement. Use two to have a snowflake wrap around the corner of a house - possibilities are endless. The 1/2 Estate Snowflake is 60.5" wide and 30" tall.